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Where to Find College Scholarships and How to Avoid Scams

Posted on Dec 14th 2018

One of the largest financial burdens of a lifetime is the expense of college, so when the time comes to pay for college families are eager to reduce their cost. Before you start applying for all of these outside scholarships to help reduce the cost you want to understand the implications that it can have on federal aid as well as the grants and scholarships received from the school. Read on for advice from our college scholarship service.

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Finding Your College Fit

Posted on Oct 3rd 2018

There will be many conversations between you, your counselor/advisor, and your parents while you are making your college list and narrowing it down to your final selection. Surely, by now, you have heard the term "College Fit." So, what exactly does it mean? A good college fit is based on the characteristics of a college that is going to meet the student's needs and wants in the areas of academics, financials, and campus culture. Read on for advice from our college application consultants.

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What to Know About Applying to College Early: Is It Right for You?

Posted on Sep 17th 2018

Senior year brings the start of the college admission process, and getting started can be a daunting task for students. It weighs heavily on your mind throughout Senior year. But if you already have a college you're looking to apply to, there's another option available to you: early application. Brought to you by our college planning services experts.

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How to (Properly) Prepare for Financial Aid Applications (Part 2)

Posted on Sep 14th 2018

Renewal Financial Aid Application season is officially about to kick off. For anyone who is or has children currently in college and who will be attending again in the Fall of 2019, read on for our college planning tips!

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Helpful College Campus Services and Resources

Posted on Aug 31st 2018

Calling all College students! The beginning of a new year on campus can be stressful, but there are so many places, people, and "things" that can help you positively kickstart your year. Setting the tone for your year is huge! Each school is going to be a little different, so remember to explore all of the wonderful resources you have at your fingertips on your campus. You may be living on your own for the first time, but this does not mean you are alone. The faculty and staff want you to be successful, happy and healthy while you are attending their school, so they have provided you with many opportunities right on campus. Successful people know when to ask for help and take a break to decompress, so do not delay finding out where these resources are on your campus. Here are some helpful college campus services and resources, brought to you by our college planning consultants.

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