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The Verification Nightmare

Post by: Ducerus HQ on May 7th 2018

One of the most painful things we hear from parents is, "the school let us know that we had been 'selected for Federal verification' so I opened the form and it looked so complicated that I gave just up." That makes us cringe! The Verification process looks overwhelming but really isn't that bad, especially when you have some help!

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National Decision Deadline Day 2018: The Final Countdown

Post by: Ducerus HQ on Apr 26th 2018

Typically right around now we have 2 things happening with our students:

Category 1: You have already filled your closet with your new school colors (you have at least 1 hoodie with the mascot on it), your parents slapped the "Proud Parent" sticker on your car, and you are daydreaming about what your roommate is going to be like. If you are in this category, CONGRATS! Celebrate and help us celebrate with you, let us know where you are headed and double, no, triple check that all items outlined below (and anything else they may specifically ask for!) are confirmed as completed by your new school.

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A Living Resume

Post by: Ducerus HQ on Apr 20th 2018

You have probably heard the phrase, "Say It; Forget It, Write It; Regret It," but why is it important for us to be chatting about right now? Here at Ducerus, we believe that this life-lesson should be shared with parents and students alike. People within every age group are on social media these days including employers (of all industries) and college admissions officers. During the College Admissions process (think Summer and Fall), our Ducerus Student Advisors heed warnings to our students about what they should and should not post on their social media platforms.

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Why does a college degree cost so much?

Post by: Ducerus HQ on Jan 16th 2018

With the total level of student debt outstanding at more than $1.2 trillion, parents, students and researchers are now asking: how is this sustainable? And why does college cost so much?

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