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How to (Properly) Prepare for Financial Aid Applications (Part 1)

Posted on Aug 10th 2018

Financial Aid Application season is just around the corner. For the Class of 2019 families, the preparation should start now. Yes now! Leading up to the October 1, 2018 release date of the 2019-2020 academic year FAFSA and the CSS Profile, we'll be sharing important tips, hints, factoids, and helpful downloads to keep you on track, brought to you by our financial aid experts.

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Managing the College Planning Timeline

Posted on Jul 3rd 2018

On your mark, get set, go! Application season has begun for the Class of 2019 students. Do you and your student have a plan to tackle the application process? Are you already feeling stressed out? Are you aware of the important dates during the application and decision process?

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What Parents of New College Freshmen Need to Know

Posted on Jun 19th 2018

Your recent graduate may be thinking they are all grown up and ready to be out on their own... but wait a minute! Who is still going to be providing them a car, insurance, spending money, and oh yeah, the big one: college tuition money? Parents, I bet many of you are still taking care of these expenses, but did you know that as soon as your child turns 18 you can no longer have access to their school or medical records without their consent? Yes, that is true even if you are paying all the bills. You may be asking why? Read on for important college planning your area tips you need to know.

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New Podcast Available

Posted on Jun 1st 2018

As students are winding down another academic year (shout-out to the Class of 2018!), we're gearing up for a summer full of one-on-one student sessions, intense SAT and ACT Prep, and evaluating our current clients' overall college plan. For our high school students, the basic agenda this summer is to look at interests and abilities (which leads into potential college major options), as well as school research and selection, college tour time anyone?! For the parents, we're spending summer focused on their plan for the future, which includes how exactly they are going to pay for College in your area without going broke!

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The Verification Nightmare

Posted on May 7th 2018

One of the most painful things we hear from parents is, "the school let us know that we had been 'selected for Federal verification' so I opened the form and it looked so complicated that I gave just up." That makes us cringe! The Verification process looks overwhelming but really isn't that bad, especially when you have some help!

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