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With over 5000 colleges and universities in the country, the prospect of finding a good school, let alone the perfect one, can be intimidating. At Ducerus, we boast advanced software and a team of seasoned college admission experts to guide you through the process.

With proper planning and matching we help your student select the college that is a perfect fit for their long term career goals. By selecting the right college the first time your student will create lifelong memories while building a platform to launch their career.

College Matching Made Easy

Ultimately, we advise going through the college-matching process because of the following:

It saves time.

Matching with the right college or university the first time around reduces the likelihood of transferring later. Having to pick up and start again at a different school not only disrupts your life, but your path to graduation and a career.

Set yourself up for the career you want.

The right college or university can have an incredible impact on your long-term career plans. For career-minded students, choosing to attend a school that’s recognized in a particular field, has a far-reaching alumni network and notable professors can give you a leg up on the competition.

It saves you money.

Buyer’s remorse is the last thing you should associate with your time at college. Before spending thousands of dollars in tuition, you should make sure that the school you pick promises to be a sound return on your investment.

It ensures a fulfilling experience.

College is a time that most people look back on with fondness. You can make memories and connections that will last you a lifetime. The right college will be a natural fit and as such make it easier to assimilate and thrive.

Personalized Services.

From there our admissions experts provide further guidance to help you arrive at an informed decision. We take the time to listen to every student's needs, provide extensive financial options and help you sift through thousands of College to find the best fit.

Powerful Software

Our software sifts through countless colleges and universities nationwide to deliver a list of personalized results. For instance, if you’d like to attend a 4- year public university, with renowned faculty, located in a big city, our software will provide a list of schools that fit that criteria.

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Ducerus College Matching Services

What to expect at our free workshops?

By offering the community free in-person 75-minute workshops, we have become a trusted extension of education professionals, in particular, high school counselors. We expand on the advice they provide your students, thus preparing them further for college applications. Topics covered include:

Send Your Children to Their Dream School No Matter Your Income.

How to send your child to their dream school… without getting trapped in a financial nightmare of high rate, high payment, and massive debt.

How to double, or in some cases triple, your eligibility for FREE grant money.

How to double, or in some cases triple, your eligibility for FREE grant money as well as mistakes to avoid when applying for FAFSA, grants, scholarships or loans.

Discover the Five Greatest Myths about College Planning.

The 5 greatest myths about planning for college – and why listening to other parents or a guidance counselor could cost you big time.

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Ducerus College Matching Services
Ducerus College Matching Services
Ducerus College Matching Services
Ducerus College Matching Services
Ducerus College Matching Services
Ducerus College Matching Services
Ducerus College Matching Services

Ducerus College Matching Services

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Every Student Deserves A Chance!

Our philosophy at Ducerus is that every student deserves the chance to attend college. For over twenty years, our staff has worked to make this a reality for many families. We not only offer personalized solutions, but help you implement them as well. From FAFSA forms to college essays, we’re with you every step of the journey both before and during college.

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