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Ducerus, Inc. college planning consultant

What to expect at our free workshops?

By offering the community free in-person 75-minute workshops, we have become a trusted extension of education professionals, in particular, high school counselors. We expand on the advice they provide your students, thus preparing them further for college applications. Topics covered include:

Send Your Children to Their Dream School No Matter Your Income.

How to send your child to their dream school… without getting trapped in a financial nightmare of high rate, high payment, and massive debt.

How to double, or in some cases triple, your eligibility for FREE grant money.

How to double, or in some cases triple, your eligibility for FREE grant money as well as mistakes to avoid when applying for FAFSA, grants, scholarships or loans.

Discover the Five Greatest Myths about College Planning.

The 5 greatest myths about planning for college – and why listening to other parents or a guidance counselor could cost you big time.

Looking for a fresh idea for your next school fundraising event?

Better prepare for college while raising money for your team, club or organization!

Ducerus is a proud member of the community and partners with high schools all over the area to raise money for school teams, clubs and other organizations. By arranging your next fundraiser through Ducerus, students and their families not only benefit from our free college planning workshops, but each team benefits as well as we donate an agreed upon amount for every family in attendance.

Fundraising Event Workshops